Margaret K. Tsai grew up in Hong Kong and received her college education in the United States. Her professional life has been dedicated to health care as a Registered Dietitian in Food Service Administration. She took many photography classes at Santa Monica College at the time when photography just began to transition from film to digital.

She is a member of the Los Angeles Hong Kong Photo Club, as well as a founding member of the SGB 889, an association of photographers based in L.A. She also has been a guest speaker at the DSC Center photography meetings. Her work has been exhibited at the DSC Center in San Gabriel and at the Chinese Cultural Center in Rosemead.

Margaret enjoys creating extraordinary photo images out of ordinary subjects. She loves to produce images that make the viewer linger and wonder. She likes to share her view that a fraction of the whole is often more interesting than the whole.

Going East on Sunset & Red

Margaret’s Fraction

Margaret’s Study of Light


Urban Mosaic