Leonard F. Walts has been a practicing anesthesiologist in Los Angeles for nearly 45 years. His interest in photography began in the late 1950’s when he was an Air Force medical officer stationed in Japan. He purchased a Rolleiflex camera and, with the exotic scenery all around, soon immersed himself into the hobby of photography. Retirement has allowed Leonard to return to his passion for photography on a full-time basis. Over the past several years, he has studied all aspects of photography and expanded his skills. He won a first prize in the Los Angeles County Medical Association photo art show. He has exhibited his work many times in various gallery venues.

Many of Leonard’s photos of L.A.’s murals and public art are composed of two or more images through the use of computer graphic techniques. In this, he has mastered the methods required to move photography into a new age of imagery.

Going East on Sunset & Red


Urban Mosaic