FRANK DAMON is a native Angeleno, retired attorney and photographer. Frank’s passion for photography began at a young age and was re-kindled with the dawning of the digital era, which wrapped its technical arms around him and dragged him in. It was time to let go of the tugging of his left-brain and explore the infinite possibilities of his right brain. While intensely intrigued by the splendor, serenity and challenges of landscape photography, Frank is also deeply committed to all things Los Angeles, constantly on the lookout for the unique lines, shapes and lights of this great metropolis. He is a docent at The Getty in Los Angeles and past President of El Pueblo Park Association, Las Angelitas del Pueblo and Shelter Partnership. Frank loves the astonishing opportunities Los Angeles presents to the world of its endless photographic beauty, diversity and fascination. Frank’s images have been displayed in California museums and published in several magazines, newspapers and books, including “Los Angeles’s Olvera Street” and “Los Angeles’s Chester Place” Frank has also donated images to various charities for silent auctions and won photographic awards from Santa Monica College and the Pacific Palisades Art Association. Frank’s website is


Sunset Blvd




Occupy L.A.

Urban Mosaic