“My life began in a small, peaceful and tranquil country in Central America. At eight years old, I began to photograph nature and its intrinsic beauty with my Kodak Brownie. I have always felt that the magnificence of nature and the permanence it implies is a very humbling and pacifying force that can be tapped by means of photography. Over the years, I have been inspired by the veterans of nature photography from whom I have taken workshops, John Sexton, Howard Bond, Robert Glen Ketchum, Ray MacSavaney, Tom Morse, Jim Lange, Edna Bullock and Jeff Nixon.”

Dr. Lewinsky is a board certified Radiation Oncologist. He has practiced in the San Fernando Valley for 35 years, but now is practicing in Downtown LA at California Hospital. He lectures on the healing power of art and nature’s resemblance to the human body.

He is a recent new member to Los Angeles Photography Project and concentrates on the beauty of Nature in the inner city and its surroundings. He works with multiple media, 4×5, B&W and with a Canon 6DMk2 digital. He still does his own B&W silver prints in his traditional darkroom.

Pico House Exhibit

Going East on Sunset & Red

Urban Mosaic